Muscle up

Muscle up

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Big Dog understand that nutrition is the foundation of health and that a healthy diet is the key to this. However, there are situations where dogs need more than just a healthy diet. Very active, working and competing dogs, as well as older pets or pets with specific health challenges may require a little extra help. For this reason, Big Dog has a range of supplements to help keep our extra-needs pets in tip top shape.

Muscle Up is scientifically formulated to provide your pet with high levels of essential proteins. Proteins provide the building blocks for muscle growth, repair and recovery. Feeding your pet Muscle Up may assist in ensuring they receive adequate levels of protein and are properly sustaining, developing and holding the condition of their muscle growth.

Muscle Up may also assist whelping bitches to maintain their condition during and after their pregnancy.

Glutamne, whey concentrate, amino acids, vegetable oil, dextrose, maltodextrin, kelp.

Directions for Use:
Simply mix or sprinkle Muscle up in with the animals main meal. If required, slowly introduce Muscle Up to the animals meal, in increments of 1g until the recommended daily dosage is achieved. Ensure a daily dosage of 4g (1 level tsp) per 10kg of dogs bodyweight.

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